123insight MRP ERP CRM Software Products

The complete range, covering MRP/ERP, plus integration to accounts systems

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Below is our complete product range. Every single customer uses the same 'off the shelf products', due to their flexibility. No customisation requirements mean that links between systems don't break during upgrades and an overall lower cost and reliance on support.

123insight MRP/ERP

Complete MRP system, available for a fixed monthly subscription and offered with our risk-free 'No Obligation' training.

CRM+ Option

Integrated CRM and so much more, covering customers, suppliers, internal communications and workflow control.


Native Apple and Android application that allows you to perform various stock and shop floor labour booking on a low-cost mobile device.


A browser-based business intelligence and analytics tool that provides meaningful dashboards and dynamic graphical displays from your 123insight data, which can easily be exported for further analysis.

Data Import Toolkit

An easy to use toolkit that allows you to simplify MRP data import, coupled with online sessions with your Implementation Mentor.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

A safe and secure method of passing data into 123insight from third party software and systems. Ideal for integrating into your existing systems such as machine monitoring, weigh scales, etc.


Complete MRP system training in just six days, provided under 'No Obligation', with optional Masterclasses.

Advanced Accounts Interfaces

A full interface between 123insight and accounts systems such as Sage and Pegasus accounts systems.

Accounts Gateway®

Tight accounts integration between 123insight and packages such as XERO, Sage 50/200 or Access Dimensions accounts systems.

Web Portal

Integrated e-commerce web site solution, with tight integration to 123insight.

Remote Installation

Get software installed remotely by us for a fixed price.

You can find out more about all of the above products by requesting access to our online Demo Movies, which are also available to receive on a USB stick. If you're ready to see more then book to attend one of our free events - either online or around the UK - to see the software.

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