MRP for the Engineering sector

123Insight is dedicated to bolstering engineering businesses with an MRP solution that is both robust and flexible. Designed to support the diverse needs of the engineering sector, it provides a comprehensive suite of tools that enable firms to manage their projects with greater precision and control, from initial design through to production and delivery.

Below is a selection of existing users of our MRP software, serving the metal manufacturing and general engineering sector, where you can see how others have made their businesses more efficient and improved profits with 123Insight.

Metals and Engineering MRP case studies
Powering the businesses, powering the future

Empowering engineering excellence with a precise MRP

In the multifaceted world of engineering businesses, where project complexity, precision, and efficiency are critical, 123Insight emerges as a simple solution for managing and optimis

ing manufacturing operations. Engineering firms, spanning a wide array of specialisations from mechanical and electrical to civil and beyond, increasingly rely on 123Insight's MRP system to address the unique challenges and demands of their projects. This platform not only streamlines processes but also enhances collaboration, quality, and delivery, ensuring engineering businesses can thrive in a competitive landscape.

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Quality and compliance

In an industry where quality and regulatory compliance are non-negotiable, 123Insight delivers comprehensive quality management features. These tools support adherence to industry standards and regulations, while also driving continuous improvement initiatives.

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Integrated operations

The platform provides a seamless integration of various operations, including design, procurement, manufacturing, and quality control. This integration ensures that information flows efficiently across departments, enhancing collaboration and reducing the risk of errors.

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Supply chain optimisation

Engineering firms often deal with complex supply chains. 123Insight offers advanced supply chain management capabilities, improving visibility, and control over suppliers, materials, and logistics, ensuring that projects are not delayed by supply chain issues.

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Data-driven insights

The MRP system provides access to real-time data and analytics, empowering firms to make informed decisions quickly. This capability is crucial for adapting to market changes, optimising operations, and driving strategic growth.

MRP for engineering manufacturers

When one thinks of engineering in terms of manufacturing, it is often thought of as a 'default' manufacturing type, however the sector has some unique requirements. In this blog post we explore some of the common problems that manufacturers experience, how MRP solves them and what additional benefits it can provide.

Why engineering firms choose 123Insight

123Insight stands out for its proven ability to deliver substantial benefits to engineering businesses. Firms utilizing the 123Insight ERP/MRP system have experienced enhanced operational efficiency, improved product quality, and increased customer satisfaction. The system's scalability and adaptability mean that as your engineering business grows and evolves, 123Insight grows with you, supporting your needs every step of the way.

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