MRP for Electronics and Instrumentation

Many EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) and general electronics manufacturing companies already rely on 123Insight to control their manufacturing operations. Below is a selection of companies that are using 123Insight's MRP, with details of the benefits they have achieved since implementation. You can also read our white paper on MRP for electronics manufacturers, highlighting the common issues that EMS manufacturers face and the benefits that MRP can deliver.

Electronics MRP case studies
Electronics case study

 Energising electronics manufacturing with MRP software

In the dynamic electronics manufacturing sector, where the pace of innovation and complexity of products constantly escalates, 123Insight offers a robust solution for managing manufacturing operations. Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and general electronics manufacturing companies are increasingly turning to 123Insight's MRP system to navigate these complexities with ease. This platform provides a comprehensive toolkit that addresses the unique challenges faced by the electronics industry, from managing intricate supply chains to adhering to rigorous quality standards.

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Streamlined operations

123Insight offers electronics manufacturers a seamless way to manage their entire production process, from component sourcing to final assembly, ensuring operations are efficient and responsive to market demands.

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Enhanced traceability

In an industry where component provenance and product quality are critical, 123Insight delivers unparalleled traceability. This capability supports compliance with industry standards and customer requirements, safeguarding against risks and enhancing brand reputation.

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Optimised inventory management

The system expertly handles the complexities of electronics inventory management, including the handling of numerous components and their varying lead times. This optimisation reduces waste and ensures that production schedules are met without delays.

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Data-driven decision making

With access to real-time data and analytics, manufacturers can make informed decisions quickly. This agility is vital for staying ahead in the fast-evolving electronics sector.

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