About 123Insight and Forterro

123Insight is a dynamic ERP/MRP product from Forterro, a provider of software solutions to more than 13,000 small and midsized industrial companies in Europe.

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Our product was first launched in 2000 as a response to the fundamental flaws inherent in the traditional ERP/MRP selection and implementation process. Since then, 123Insight has been either nominated or has won dozens of awards, often due to the speed of implementation and the immediate return on investment. The system is suitable for all type, shapes, sizes and industries, with all benefitting from the same dynamic and flexible functionality.

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Forterro® exists to champion Europe’s industrial heroes. These are the companies fundamental to creating a better future for all of us. One where people are safer, businesses run smoother and products get to the right place at the right time. We support these companies with software designed specifically to help them thrive in highly specialised markets and geographies. Software that embeds our decades of industrial expertise and knowledge. Software that helps strengthen and accelerate our customers’ ability to operate efficiently and compete effectively.

Dozens of awards