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Forterro is on a mission to champion the people and businesses creating a better future for all of us. And we're home to a diverse range of software solutions serving local markets and industrial sector verticals. 
This demands that we harness the full talents of a diverse team, driven to make a difference. A team focused on delivery impact, not just talking about it. One that brings out the best in each other. One that is smart and practical. One that's friendly, but also determined.

If you're looking for an opportunity to grow at a company that values inclusion, impact, meaningful connections, innovative ideas and genuine impact - you've come to the right place.

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Annual Leave

Annual leave

30 days + Bank Holidays

multi currency

Life assurance

4x gross annual salary

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5% employer contribution

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trust-based flexi-time and hybrid working

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dedicated office hours including free lunches

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Why our team loves working at Forterro

“Two things. First – the people. We have such an amazing team, amazing leadership, and it is a true privilege to get to work with people from different countries and different cultures, fostering an environment where we learn from each other's diverse perspectives. To get the opportunity to learn from others and share knowledge around the organisation is invaluable. Second – the growth opportunity. During my time here at the company, Forterro has consistently championed personal and professional growth. Having a sense of getting better at something and expanding into new areas has been one of the greatest rewards of working within this company.”

Elinor Bohlin Karlsson | Principal Administrator, M&A
Elinor Karlsson - Forterro

“Our customers. Of course, the team, work environment and career opportunities also contribute to making Forterro a truly great place. Yet I think the most interesting piece of our business is the broad variety of customers and industries we serve. If industry fascinates you, Forterro is perhaps one of the best places you can be.”

Benoît Wambergue | Vice President, Product Management
Benoit Wambergue - Forterro

“Working at Forterro has opened a lot of opportunities for me to grow in my career. The environment that we have, where people from different countries and cultures come together, is what makes it fun working here – interacting and sharing our experiences together.”

Jyothika B | Associate, Software Engineering
Jyothika B | Associate, Software Engineering

“I love my job and the Forterro team because of the opportunity to meet intelligent, optimistic and dedicated people every day. Forterro also provides me with opportunities to develop my career and includes me in growing and building a unified company.”

Rossitza Jegova | Professional, Technical Writing & Translation
Rossitza Jegova | Professional, Technical Writing & Translation

“I truly cherish my experience at Forterro, primarily because of the exceptional support consistently offered by my leader. They are always ready to provide valuable advice whenever needed. Additionally, the dedication and commitment exhibited by my team members towards their work boosts my motivation and enriches my experience as a member of the Finance team. Managing finances across our Bangalore and Mumbai offices has been a challenging yet enlightening journey. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally alongside a cohesive team with diverse backgrounds.”

Ganesh Hegde | Team Lead, Financial Control
Ganesh Hegde | Team Lead, Financial Control

“It’s fast-paced, interesting and intellectually challenging work. But the best part is being surrounded by my talented colleagues whom I can always consult with and rely on.”

Paul Nowak | Director, Financial Control
Paul Nowak - Forterro

“Since joining the business, my journey has been incredible – with several opportunities to progress and witness many colleagues being recognised and promoted for their amazing work. For me, being part of such a large, incredible organisation is one of the things I love about Forterro. Every day, I am surrounded by experts in their field, who are always happy to collaborate, share ideas and support, allowing individuals to be successful and enabling us, as a business, to power the businesses that are powering the future.”

Katie Hadfield | Team Lead, Business Development
Katie Hadfield | Team Lead, Business Development

“I love working in Forterro because of all the opportunities to learn and acquire new experiences. We are evolving rapidly, and every day brings new challenges. I enjoy keeping occupied and looking for a way to deal with them. It feels good to be valued and listened to when you are proposing something. I enjoy interacting with people from various countries and cultures, and my colleagues from Bulgaria are the nicest people I've known. All this really makes you feel that you are welcomed here at Forterro.”

Petr Epishkin | Administrator, 2nd Line IT Support
Petr Epishkin | Administrator, 2nd Line IT Support

“My work in ERP projects offers me the opportunity to work across various industries, with diverse people and business processes. One of Forterro’s product lines, Abas, has provided me the unique opportunity to be creative and provide solutions which exceed client’s expectations. If I am to look back and reflect on of all the years I have spent with the company, I would say I am happy to have had the chance to realise my potential here.”

Ivan Dinev | Principal, App Development & Integrations Services
Ivan Dinev | Principal, App Development & Integrations Services
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