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Financial Visibility

Instant visibility of your order book, invoices, purchases, stock on hand and work in progress, with optional integration with market-leading accounts systems.

Financial information for manufacturing
Batch traceability

Detailed Traceability

Batch number traceability is inherent and built into the fabric of 123insight. Whenever parts are received, unique batch numbers are generated, recorded and tracked through the system so you have full traceability from creation through to which of your products they were used in.

Revision Control

Structure your manufacturing with revision control available on all your parts and products. Plan the phasing and switch from one version to another with Effectivity Dates, change notes and cutover reminders and signoffs.

Part manufacturing revision control software


Record supplier serial numbers when receiving parts such as PCBs or castings into stock and generate serial numbers for any of your in-house manufactured assemblies. Fully track through manufacturing so that you have the traceability and confidence to know exactly which part, batch and serial numbers have been used in your products, and where they have been shipped.

Multiple Methods

Perhaps you want to manufacture a product in house but the freedom to outsource should you need to cover periods of high demand, 123insight provides the ultimate flexibility through primary and alternative methods associated with your parts/ products.

Alternative manufacturing methods

Customer testimonials

I don’t think I ever put a financial value on the time spent on things, but 123insight is not only the cheapest employee in the company, it’s also the hardest working. You don’t appreciate the areas that it will save you money until it’s in place.

Vincico Electronics Ltd
Electronics MRP software

We could easily double in size with 123insight. We didn’t stop throughout the pandemic, employing more shop floor staff, buying more machinery and taking on extra premises. 

Heatsense Cables Ltd
Cable manufacturers using 123insight MRP software

I would say that 123insight has easily paid for itself inside a year, but my gut feeling is maybe half of that... ...I reckon that we could grow by a third before we would need to take on another person in Operations or Admin because of how much we can process through 123insight. 

Cygnus Instruments Ltd
Cygnus Instruments use 123insight manufacturing software

123insight is the cheapest employee we have in the building. To add five production facilities,  four warehouses and 800-900% growth with the same resources speaks for itself.

Eco-Burner Ltd
Ecoburner mrp case study

123insight is so much more efficient than how we used to work - it’s taken out all of the running around as everyone has access to the same information. It certainly improves communication and has revolutionised what we do.

Butser Rubber Ltd
Butser Rubber MRP case study

We’re a growing manufacturing business in the UK, and it felt like 123insight was designed to support businesses like us. We’ve been growing at between 10-20% per year, and 123insight is making that easier to do by taking away some of the challenges.

Inoplas Ltd
Inoplas Technology use 123insight

We chose 123insight on the basis that they had a track record, we knew the individuals, they were in it for the long term, and they were the right partner for us. 

International Hair Cosmetics
Hair cosmetics

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Flexible and dynamic features of a leading MRP

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Engineering BOMs, supply chain, manufacturing, despatch and invoicing all in one place, integrating all departments in one system.


Real-time information at your fingertips. Accurate sales, costs, profit and inventory financials always available when you need them.


High quality manufacturing through detailed batch and serial number traceability, manufacturing controls and parts inspection.


Ensuring you always have the right level of parts in stock at the right time with Supply Chain Management and Demand Planning.


Improved internal communication, reduced administration, elimination of task duplication and time saving through automation.