Flexible MRP

123insight provides numerous benefits to your engineering department within your manufacturingg business. It allows for better planning and resource allocation. Engineers have access to real-time data on inventory, production schedules, and materials, enabling them to effectively plan and better allocate resources. 

Additionally, 123insight streamlines workflows by providing a centralised platform for engineers to access information, ensuring better communication and coordination between team members. It also enhances productivity by automating repetitive tasks and eradication duplication of data entry. This allows your engineers to focus on more important tasks. This will greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your engineering department.

Metals and Engineering MRP case studies
Build control - bill of materials

Build Control

Create comprehensive bills of materials, with multiple sub-assemblies, subcontract activity and alternate version control - all in an easy-to-understand display.

Revision Control

Structure your manufacturing with revision control available on all your parts and products. Plan the phasing and switch from one version to another with Effectivity Dates, change notes and cutover reminders and signoffs. This ensures that you are always building to the right revision.

Part manufacturing revision control software
Alternative parts

Alternative parts

Plan for security and contingency with the ability to store alternative approved parts within your BOMs so should you come into supply limitations on one part, you can switch your manufacturing to consume another. This is an extremely powerful tool when dealing with supply chain issues.

Multiple Methods

Perhaps you want to manufacture a product in-house but also have the freedom to outsource it, should you need to cover periods of high demand. 123insight provides the ultimate flexibility through primary and alternative methods associated with your parts/ products. This ensures that you always have visibility of the options available.

Alternative manufacturing methods
MRP product costing

Product Costing

Clear and structured breakdown of your BOM (Bill of Material), labour and subcontract costs allowing for quick decision making and comparisons of different manufacturing options.