Manufacturing made easy with MRP

Build a single source of truth for your manufacturing with flexible modules, pay-as-you-go pricing, and quick implementation.

Manufacturing made easy with MRP
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60% decrease in
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A scalable solution for growing manufacturers

Seamlessly connect and streamline your entire manufacturing operation with MRP, equipping your business for smarter processes.

Eliminate extended customer lead times by gaining control of planning, purchasing, and stock management. With a comprehensive view of product components, your traceability challenges are resolved and you can effortlessly see true costs and profitability. 

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Detailed traceability

Record and track parts from creation to finalisation with unique batch numbers.

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Manage production

Keep production on track with real-time visibility of activity and progress.

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Quality control

Maintain quality with goods-in inspections, tool calibration, and expiry date tracking.

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Financial visibility

Full financial visibility with optional accounts software integration.

Do I need an MRP?

Are you juggling spreadsheets, frustrated with your current system,
or unsatisfied with an outdated packaged solution?
Your business can do better.

How ERP helps business stay competitive

What is MRP software

MRP software, or Manufacturing Resource Planning software, is a tool designed to help manufacturing businesses like yours manage and optimise their production processes. It integrates and automates various aspects of manufacturing operations, from materials requirement planning and production scheduling to inventory control and product delivery. 

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Take a closer look at what MRP software typically encompasses

Stock Management 1
Material planning

This is the core of MRP software. It calculates the materials and components needed for manufacturing by analysing production schedules, sales orders, and inventory levels. The goal is to ensure that all materials are available for production at the right time, thereby minimising inventory costs and avoiding production delays.

Inventory management

It keeps track of inventory levels and uses data from production planning and material requirements planning to keep inventory as low as possible while still meeting production and sales demands. This helps in reducing excess stock and associated costs.

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Purchasing management

MRP software assists in managing the purchasing of raw materials and other supplies needed for production. It generates purchase orders automatically based on material requirements plans and tracks the status of each order.

Warehouse Forklift
Shop floor control

This aspect of MRP involves the management of manufacturing processes on the shop floor, including tracking production progress and ensuring that operations adhere to schedules.

screen graphs
Reporting and analytics

MRP systems provide detailed reports and analytics that help manufacturers make informed decisions about production, inventory, and procurement. These reports can cover aspects such as cost analysis, production efficiency, and order status.

Projects 2
Software integrations

MRP software often integrates with other business systems like ERP, CRM, and accounting software to provide a comprehensive business management solution.

How much does an MRP system cost?

Flexible, pay-as-you-go monthly subscriptions with no minimum term contract make it easy to scale with your business needs:

  • No Minimum Contract: Start or stop your service at any time.
  • Minimal Upfront Costs: Low initial investment to get started.
  • Included Support and Upgrades: Stay up-to-date without extra costs.
  • Short Implementation Windows: Quick setup to get you running faster.
The cost of MRP
Key Features

Discover how our comprehensive MRP software can transform your manufacturing operations. From small-scale businesses to large enterprises, our system is designed to streamline every aspect of production.

multi currency

Engineering, Bill and Materials Costings

Accurately calculate the costs of materials and processes.


Quotes, Sales and Order Forecasts

Generate accurate sales forecasts and manage customer quotes efficiently.

Warehouse Management

Purchasing and Stock Management

Keep track of stock levels and automate purchasing to reduce costs.

Users People 2

Manufacturing Planning

Optimise your manufacturing schedules and resource allocation.

Users People 3

Subcontract Management

Manage and track subcontractor activities and materials.

Projects 2

Serial Tracking

Trace individual components easily throughout the manufacturing process.

Building Retail

Shop Floor Data Capture

Capture real-time data directly from your shop floor.

Barcode Scanning


Streamline inventory management and tracking with integrated barcoding.


Quality Control

Maintain high standards with robust quality control modules.


Financials and Reporting

Comprehensive reporting tools to keep you informed.


Despatching and Invoicing

Efficiently manage shipping and invoicing.

mobile barcode


Access critical MRP features on the go.

Frequently asked MRP questions
What is MRP software and who should use it?

Answer: MRP software, or Manufacturing Resource Planning software, is designed to help manufacturers manage and optimise their production processes. It integrates various aspects of manufacturing operations, such as material requirements planning, production scheduling, inventory control, and order management. This software is ideal for manufacturing businesses of all sizes that seek to improve their production efficiency, reduce waste, and manage their inventory more effectively.

How can MRP software benefit my manufacturing business?

Answer: MRP software offers several benefits to manufacturers, including improved production planning, optimised inventory levels, enhanced supply chain coordination, and reduced production costs. By providing accurate data on material requirements and production schedules. In the case of Inoplas Technology, implementing an MRP helped resulted in a 60% decrease in paperwork and halved their production times,  leading to a more streamlined operation and better customer satisfaction through timely product deliveries.

Can MRP software integrate with other business systems?

Answer: Yes, MRP software can typically integrate with other business systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and accounting software. This integration allows for seamless data flow between departments, enhanced visibility into operations, and improved overall business management.

What are the key features to look for in MRP software?

Answer: Key features to consider when selecting MRP software include material requirements planning, production scheduling, inventory management, order management, quality control, and reporting capabilities. Additional valuable features might include real-time data analysis, cloud-based accessibility, integration options, and customisable modules to fit specific business needs.