MRP/ERP White Papers

As a company that has helped hundreds of businesses to implement MRP/ERP we have compiled a series of free white papers to help educate and demystify in equal measures.

White papers

Find your competitive edge

Business intelligence - how to apply it to your business
Adopting a data-driven culture: Why and how

Business Intelligence (BI) is playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing sector. However, BI is not exclusively available to the large multinationals. There are plenty of tools available, but in order to take advantage of them you need to have the right data systems in place first.

Who is responsible for your ERP
Driving change: Who's responsible for your ERP?

When considering an ERP system, who within your business should be looking after the project? This white paper helps you to identify the key stakeholders, weighing up the pros and cons for each to run the project, how to break it down into manageable chunks, and setting realistic timeframes.

How ERP can help with supply chain problems
How ERP can help with supply chain

From the Suez Canal blockage to ongoing shortages of global semiconductors, manufacturing supply chains have been dealt a heavy blow of problems these last few years. But how can an ERP solution help businesses tackle further disruption? 

How to deal with an obsolete ERP system
Rising from obsolescence

Receiving a notice that your ERP system - the software on which your business hangs - has reached its end of life can be alarming. But what should your next steps be? Replace it with a system from the same vendor, or look for a new solution?

Seven reasons why ERP systems fail
7 reasons why ERP systems fail

ERP is generally the single most expensive software acquisition a manufacturing company will ever make. So why is it that many struggle to implement such a system, or limp along for several years using partial functionality before abandoning it?

Integrating MRP/ERP with other data systems
Integrating MRP/ERP with other data systems

While MRP/ERP spans all key departments within a business, every company will have its own collection of standalone systems that deliver specific functionality. However, linking them with MRP/ERP can deliver multiple and significant benefits.

Complete guide to MRP systems
A complete 11-point guide to MRP systems

Here we answer the eleven top questions about MRP systems. What's the difference between MRP and ERP, what costs are involved, what data to transfer, choosing a system and how to measure success?

White paper - MRP and the human factor
MRP and the human factor

Most people understand that MRP will deliver the usual benefits of improved stock control, increased productivity, and improved visibility. But an important factor is often overlooked altogether - the people!