ERP for manufacturing

Whether its improving stock control, better bills of materials control, or greater visibility, 123Insight's ERP for manufacturing streamlines processes across all departments.

123insight features
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Transforming manufacturing excellence with our advanced software solutions

At 123Insight, we understand the intricate challenges inherent in your manufacturing business. In the dynamic landscape where precision, efficiency, and adaptability are paramount, our ERP for manufacturers is designed to streamline processes and increase productivity. 

Crafted with an awareness of the processes of modern manufacturing and the supply chain, our solution is not just a tool but an efficiency booster. With 123Insight, you can embrace a new era of manufacturing innovation, where challenges become opportunities, and success becomes the new norm.

Features overview

Metals and Engineering MRP case studies

See how 123Insight delivers control and flexibility, and can help with efficiency in your engineering department.

MRP and Quality

Complete control and visibility of your suppliers, their products and performance.

Hero CRM

Accelerate common tasks such as building quotes or managing custom price lists.

Subscription MRP software

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, with data instantly available.

Engineering BOMs and Seamless Integration

Take command of your manufacturing processes with our comprehensive ERP platform that brings (BOMs), supply chain management, manufacturing workflows, despatch, and invoicing all under one unified umbrella. By integrating these critical components, our ERP solution empowers you with unparalleled control over every aspect of your operations. No more siloed departments – just a cohesive, streamlined system that fosters efficiency and collaboration.

Real-Time Information Empowerment

Elevate your decision-making with real-time access to crucial data. Our ERP platform ensures that accurate sales figures, cost breakdowns, profit margins, and inventory financials are always at your fingertips. Gain the visibility needed to make informed choices, respond swiftly to market changes, and steer your business toward sustained success.

Traceability and Manufacturing Controls

Forge a path to high-quality manufacturing with our meticulous attention to detail. Our ERP platform facilitates precise batch and serial number traceability, providing a comprehensive view of your production history. Implement robust manufacturing controls and parts inspection protocols to uphold the highest quality standards. With our ERP for manufacturers, excellence isn't just a goal – it's an inherent part of your manufacturing DNA.

Optimised Stock Levels through Supply Chain Management

Say goodbye to stockouts and excess inventory headaches. Our supply chain management and demand planning features of our ERP platform ensure that you always have the right level of parts in stock at precisely the right time. Enhance reliability in your supply chain, streamline procurement, and maintain optimal inventory levels, allowing you to fulfil orders efficiently and keep your operations running smoothly.

Streamlined Communication and Automation

Efficiency is not just a buzzword; it's a fundamental aspect of what we do. Experience improved internal communication, reduced administrative burdens, and eliminate missed or late orders. Our ERP platform is designed for efficiency gains, leveraging automation to save valuable time across your workflows. Say hello to a more productive and streamlined manufacturing environment where every task is optimised for maximum efficiency.

System integrations

At 123Insight, we understand the importance of synergy within your business operations. That's why our ERP for manufacturing comes equipped with robust integration capabilities, ensuring a seamless connectivity web that unifies all facets of your enterprise. By effortlessly integrating with a spectrum of tools our ERP software transforms into the central hub of your digital ecosystem.

Integrate your ERP with these options:


Use low-cost Android tablets in stores and on the shop floor to quickly perform common tasks such as transferring stock or shop floor data collection.


Connect 123Insight to virtually any other data system (such as intranets, websites, machine monitoring or testing and measurement equipment) with our Software Development Kit.


Connect 123Insight to popular accounts systems such as XERO, Sage 50/200, Access Dimensions or Pegasus.


CRM is an integral and essential efficiency tool for all areas of your business. It incorporates 'workflow' capability to support, manage and drive your business forward.

Data Import Toolkit

The 123Insight Data Import Toolkit is designed to streamline the data migration process by providing all of the tools and support that you need.

Remote Installation Service

A safe, hassle-free service whereby we install the application for you for a fixed nominal fee.

Web Portal

Build a feature-rich e-commerce website that communicates directly with 123Insight.

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