123mobile Stores and Shop Floor software

Manage stock and shop floor bookings on iOS or Android devices.

123mobile tablet based stores and shop floor control

Control your stores and shop floor via a tablet

123mobile is a native Apple & Android application that transforms your tablet into an advanced tool for monitoring and controlling your stores area and shop floor labour bookings in real time, and without the restrictions of a desktop terminal.

Stores Control

Stock Transactions

Carry out stock transactions on the fly, including transferring stock between locations, performing stock adjustments and standard or perpetual 'ABC' stock checks.

Issue Stock

Issue components to works orders as you pick them, with true batch traceability. You can also list batches and parts in a logical kitting order for improved efficiency.

Works Order Receipts

Receive manufactured items into stock directly from the shop floor, recording relevant batch information and marking the works order as 'complete' where appropriate.

Enhanced Visibility

Expired batches and batches built to an old part issue will display in amber. Additionally, the working BOM will also display a traffic light system to highlight stock availability. 

Shop Floor Control

Record Labour & Attendance

Once clocked in, staff can book on and off jobs, record labour in real time and providing accurate operation times and labour costs. Simple monitoring of employee time and attendance. 

Shop Floor Visibility

View which jobs you are currently booked on, and the progress of specific works orders. Quickly access document attachments of supported file formats on your tablet.

Overlapping Operations

As an option, you can book on to multiple overlapping jobs throughout a shift and your time can be apportioned across these operations based on quantity and time.

Additional Features

There are several features that provide greater control in SFDC, namely Amend Resource, Add Operation, Complete Operation Short and Receive Finished Works Order into Stock.

Book Goods In

Purchase Order Receipt

Quick Mode rapidly books in multiple purchase orders from the same supplier, whereas Advanced Mode allows you to define serial numbers and record batch analysis codes.

Advice Note Receipt

Book in subcontract advice notes, along with any additional by-products. If this is the last operation, you can receive the finished works order into stock.

Free Issue Receipt

Book in any stock received from suppliers free of charge, without needing to raise a purchase order.

Pop-Up Text

Any text set to pop-up at goods in, from either the supplier or the part record, will be clearly indicated and visible on all selection and receipt screens.

123mobile Shop Floor Data Collection on Tablet.

Installation and Licencing

  • Available to customers running 123insight version 10.05 and above
  • The mobile application can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store

The minimum specifications of a suitable tablet are:

  • Android 10 – 13 or Apple iOS 12 – 16
  • Screen Size: 9.7-inch +, Screen resolution: 1920x1200+, DPI : 224+
  • Rear-facing camera with minimum of 5 megapixel resolution, autofocus and preferably macro focus or Bluetooth scanner with support for carriage return or line feed terminators