Manufacturing Supply Chain

Have visibility and control over your suppliers, products, pricing, performance, and more.

International Hair stock control
Alternative suppliers for manufacturing software

Alternative Suppliers

Add multiple suppliers against your parts, providing you the flexibility and security to switch between suppliers as demand fluctuates and if problems appear in your supply chain.

Supplier Part Numbers

Store and associate supplier part numbers against your purchased part numbers so that there is never any breakdown in communication when sourcing parts and chasing deliveries.


Supplier part number in MRP system
Minimum Stock and Reorder Levels

Minimum Stock and Reorder Levels

Build continency into your inventory and supply chain using Minimum Stock Quantities and Reorder Levels to ensure you remain shortage free, even when your suppliers face problems.

Notes on MRP system

Internal Notes

Store all your supplier phone calls, purchase order clarifications and delivery updates in one handy place using Internal Notes. Helping share information with colleagues and across departments and ensuring no communications are lost.


Context-sensitive right-click options allow you to intelligently drill down on any data, from anywhere within the system.

Financial MRP information