ERP and your Manufacturing Dept

Control your bill of material, manufacturing methods, subcontracting, and much more.

123insight features
Trial kit

Trial Kit

Quickly identify whether you have inventory in stock to satisfy an urgent customer order, or easily investigate what's the maximum quantity you can make using the raw materials you have using 123insight's Trial Kit.


Fully record supplier serial numbers when receiving parts such as PCBs or Castings into stock. Generate serial numbers for any of your in house manufactured assemblies. Track serial numbers throughout their use in manufacturing and ultimately where they are used in your products. Ensure you have that traceability and confidence that you know exactly what part, batch and serial number has been used in your products and who they were shipped to.

MRP Serialisation
Part shortage visibility

Shortage Visibility

Simple visibility of what work can be started, and whether there are any parts shortages, with a useful look ahead to the future movements showing you when any shortages should clear.

Staff Activity Monitoring

Easy visibility of who is clocked in and what they are working on allowing monitoring of production activities without needing to be on the shop floor.

Staff activity monitoring
Production Management Software

Production Management

Easily see where your production is stalled and what activities are running behind, helping you reprioritise your resources to ensure you get back on track.