123Bi Business intelligence and analytics

Reports, Dashboards, Drill-downs and Data Export.

Business Analytics MRP software

123Bi is a business intelligence and analytics software tool accessible from your internet browser that will provide you with meaningful dashboards and dynamic graphical displays from your 123Insight data. 123Bi will enable you to better identify and track your key business metrics and long-term trends, identify anomalies and unearth hidden insights. 123Bi delivers the visibility and control that every modern manufacturer needs.

See exactly what information 123Bi can provide, with fast and intuitive drill-down of your data along with the ability to quickly change chart type. You can also easily export your data for further manipulation in Excel.

What's included

Reports and Dashboards

123Bi presents your data in standard reports in a coherent manner, with trend displays enabling you to make immediate improvements across your operation. Dashboards give you a finger on the pulse of your key business metrics in a user-friendly style.


By utilising a comprehensive range of additional metrics with our filtering tool, you can display the resulting information in a format that suits any individual requirements.

Export Underlying Data

From any screen within 123Bi you can easily export your data into a spreadsheet to allow further manipulation and analysis. Additionally, there is the option to save graphs as images for presentation purposes.