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123Mobile webinar March 2024


123Mobile - 8 top tips

March 12th @ 9.30am

This short-format webinar is suitable for both existing 123Mobile users and those thinking about adopting tablets in stores and the shop floor. It will cover 8 killer features of 123Mobile, some of which even seasoned users may not know about!

123Insight V23.2 webinar

This webinar details all the new features in 123insight v23.2. Customers can install the upgrade themselves for free as part of their monthly subscription. 123insight also offer a remote upgrade service for just £345.

123Mobile webinar

This webinar gives an in-depth overview of how 123mobile can transform your stores and shop floor, by putting information directly in the hands of the staff that need it.

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Frequently asked Questions: Customer Success

Who is my Customer Success Representative?

You'll be notified of your Customer Care Representative when you move from the implementation team, after go-live. You can contact them any time, either on our office telephone or by email.

When should I contact the Help Desk versus Customer Success?

Questions to the Help Desk are generally of the 'how do I?' variety, or if you are experiencing a problem that needs assistance. The Customer Success team are there to help you achieve your long-term goals with 123Insight, and also to assist in identifying other ways that you can utilise the software.

Do I need to pay for Customer Success staff time?

They are there to assist you with general enquiries and also occasionally visit you onsite. They are also happy to meet with you online. 

If you require on-site time to delve into deeper technical matters, or to help you enact some ideas that you've come up with together, then this would be a service day, which is chargeable.

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