123Mobile Customer Success Stories

123Mobile in the stock room

Since its launch in 2016, 123Mobile has proven an extremely popular extension to the core 123Insight manufacturing system. Not only do 123Mobile licences cost less than their desktop counterparts, but they put information directly into the hands of staff in stores, the shop floor and despatch. Here’s what a small selection of our customers had to say about the benefits of switching to 123Mobile.

Gourmet Classic, the UK’s leading supplier of cooking wines, saw lead times drop and an overall staff timesaving of 25%. Stockholding was forecast to drop by 40% due to better purchasing and more accurate stock levels, with rolling stock checks now possible directly on 123Mobile. Down time due to missing stock reduced by over 98%. With less stock to navigate and fewer outages, they were able to get products to the shop floor quicker. They commented; “The shop floor is like a carousel - everything is constantly moving. People often move something temporarily and then forget about it. With 123Mobile you scan it there and then and you’re done. It’s made masses of improvements. We've got one simple rule that 'if you can't scan it, don't move it'”

Mako Board Sports, makers of the Slingshot motorised jetboard, implemented 123Mobile shortly after going live with 123Insight, during their initial ramp-up period. Their Stores Manager found it invaluable when initially setting up the new stores facility; “Over the last two months I've really been using it, and if I didn't have the mobile app the process of setting up stores would have taken twice as long, if not more. Just simply running to and from my desk, scribbling on bits of paper, making mistakes along the way, getting confused, whereas with 123Mobile I've got everything literally in my hand. I can quickly find a part number, check how many we have in stock, and there's no having to ring someone back. For me as a user, it’s perfect.”

Butser Rubber were one of several companies to switch to 123Mobile during the pandemic. Charlie Easton, Operations Manager said; “Overall, we actually increased our 123insight licence count. Staff were provided with their own tablets, so no-one else had to touch them and they didn’t have to be regularly sanitised. Furthermore, we were able to reclaim space on the shop floor where the PCs were, which gave staff more room for social distancing, reducing movement on the shop floor and allowing us to make better utilisation of the space in general. Another benefit was that staff also clocked on when they arrived and off when they left, so we could immediately see who was in the building.” Use of barcodes was also expanded, with barcode readers set to ‘always scan’ - staff simply hold the paperwork in front of the reader for contactless logging of processes.


Making the transition to 123Mobile is a natural progression to a well-implemented 123Insight system. Companies already have tight control over their purchasing and stock, so stores should already be benefiting from less inventory, fewer errors and outages. Using tablets on the shop floor for SFDC (Shop Floor Data Collection) can drastically reduce the time required to log operations, and in general users prefer a finger-friendly interface on a portable device. With the additional benefits of licence and hardware cost being cheaper than desktops, it’s no wonder why so many customers are adding 123Mobile to their 123Insight implementation.