How we use cookies on our site

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that help websites to track users or certain processes. They are used for functions such as tracking what users do on a site or for storing and retrieving information the next time they revisit a site, which are often useful features. Most sites use them and they are generally harmless. For example, a shopping site may log products that you've previously viewed and remember them for when you return.

How does this website use cookies?

123 Insight Limited only uses cookies to track its email marketing campaigns. When emails are sent out each link has a unique code to identify which campaign it has come from. This information is only returned to us if you complete a contact or event booking form. We also use a cookie to hide the 'this site uses cookies' banner, so if you disable the use of cookies in your browser you'll see this on every page. We use Google Analytics, which uses its own cookies. Finally, we also use the TAWK chat system, which may also set cookies if you engage with our staff using it.

What happens if I disable cookies?

In short, nothing, other than the top banner display mentioned above. If our site detects a cookie AND you subsequently complete a form to request information, then the 'How did you hear about us field' is hidden. It is automatically populated with the cookie information stating the email that you used to visit our site. If you disable cookies and then register for an event you will simply see the 'How did you hear about us' dropdown that was previously hidden.

How can I tell if one of your cookies is in use on my computer?

We set a cookie to state that you've visited our site and that by continuing to use it you are agreeing that we can use cookies.

Can I easily remove any cookies set by this site?

Yes. Just click Remove Cookies. Note that by continuing to use this site cookies may be added again.

Can I stop cookies from ever being used?

If you do not want any cookies to be set on your computer then please update the security settings in your web browser.