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22nd September 2020

123 Insight releases 123mobile v1.37.1

New mobile app aids social distancing on the shop floor and stores

123 Insight Limited has today announced the release of v1.37.1 of its 123mobile iOS and Android tablet-based stores and shop floor app.

123mobile allows staff to manage stores, shop floor and labour bookings on a low-cost tablet device. This expanded functionality allows companies to significantly reduce traffic on the shop floor and allows for greater social distancing, as staff no longer need to travel to or share a PC to perform tasks.

The ability to book goods in using the app has been further enhanced. Goods can be booked in in real time as the stock is being put away. This can be performed in either ‘quick’ or ‘advanced’ modes. Quick mode allows multiple purchase orders to be booked in simultaneously, while Advanced mode provides extra functionality to allow serial numbers to be assigned and batch analysis codes to be defined.

123mobile tablet-based stores and shop floor software

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The new release also includes a number of interface enhancements throughout the app, displaying additional information on relevant screens along with the ability to view document attachments directly from the part enquiry screen. The partial search functionality has been extended to other areas such as batch and part number within the Stock Control module.Simon Badger

Numerous other features and enhancements are included, such as the ability to book in free issue parts or advice notes from subcontractors, new role-based security functions, enhancements to receiving works orders and marking stock as checked.

Simon Badger, Managing Director of 123 Insight Ltd commented; “We’ve seen a significant uptake of 123mobile this year due to COVID-19 as companies look for ways to maintain social distancing. The upside is that many are finding that 123mobile significantly improves their ability to carry out day-to-day tasks, allowing them to reduce or even remove the need for PCs on the shop floor.”

123mobile is an option for the 123insight MRP/ERP system, providing a mobile alternative to the PC-based functionality provided by the core system. The app is available for immediate download from the Apple App Store and Google Play for customers that have already been configured to run 123mobile. Full licence pricing, along with a demonstration video of the app in action is available on

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About 123insight:

The company was founded in 2000 as a response to the fundamental flaws inherent in the traditional ERP/MRP selection and implementation process. 123 Insight has been either nominated or has won dozens of awards, often due to the speed of implementation and the immediate return on investment. The system is suitable for all type, shapes, sizes and industries, with all customers using the same ‘off-the-shelf’ product.

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