v23.1 manufacturing software released

123insight v23.1

123Insight version 23.1 is now available for all customers, supplied free under our monthly subscription. This new version boasts several enhancements and updates that make it even more effective and user-friendly.

User Interface

We've completely reworked the interface, adding many new features while retaining the original functionality and workflows. It now includes a handy new tabbed interface on the left of the screen, which clearly highlights where you are within 123Insight.


One of 123Insight's time-saving features is the ability to 'backflush', and with v23.1 you now have greater control  over which components are issued to a works order using backflushing. You can now control parts, such as highly traceable components, to ensure they must be manually issued whilst allowing others to be backflushed using the global setting.

Document Linking

Being able to associate a document with various items within 123Insight has always been one of our most popular company-wide features, and we've expanded it in v23.1. Documents can now be associated against a batch, not just a part, which is useful for items such as Supplier CofC and test results.

Other features

There are many dozens of new features and improvements across the software. Improvements have been made to 2-stage and 3-stage despatch options, allowing users to add new lines to an existing despatch note. This will enable them to build up a despatch over a period of time and print a single despatch note. Other notable features include better cloud hosting options and a new reports designer.

Remote Upgrade option

Customers can also take the hassle out of upgrading by opting for our low-cost Remote Upgrade service. For just £345 we'll update your system for you, minimising any down-time and giving you more time to take advantage of the new features.

A new release with a wealth of new features

This release heralds a significant step for 123Insight - a brand new UI and many new features across the board. It’s accessible now to all our customers at no additional cost, but we also have our remote upgrade service available should any customers want us to take care of their upgrade for them. V23.1 is the culmination of both time spent listening to our customers and investment in our product to develop features and functions that we know our customers are excited about.

Bradley Debenham, Business Unit Director
Bradley Debenham - Business Unit Director