Accounts Gateway® integration

Integration with Sage 50, Sage 200, Access Dimensions and Xero.

Accounts Gateway® is a sophisticated software tool that allows for popular accounting packages such as Sage 50, Sage 200, XERO and Access Dimensions to provide seamless MRP accounts integration with 123insight manufacturing software, automatically and in real time!

Accounts Gateway for 123insight and sage, access or Xero

Accounts Gateway® caters for the following: 

  • Purchase Invoices/Debits
  • Sales Invoices/Credits
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Aged Invoices / Debt (customers & suppliers)
  • Unallocated payments
  • Exchange rates

Customer and Supplier name and address details are automatically synchronised between 123insight and your chosen accounting system. Users of 123insight, via Accounts Gateway® can see all sales invoices that are outstanding, as far as payment is concerned and the same applies from the purchasing side of your business with purchase invoices. In both cases, any unallocated payments are clearly displayed along with "on stop" status and credit limit (Access Dimensions and Sage 50 / Sage 200).

Any relevant reference numbers, e.g. sales order number, purchase order number, despatch note number flow freely between the two systems, providing you with the visibility and control over your operations.

In addition, there are comprehensive "credit control rules" which will check for a series of "conditions" at order placement and despatch; taking the appropriate action if they are violated (Access Dimensions and Sage 50 / Sage 200).

You can set the following checks and rules:

  • Is the customer "On Stop"?
  • Is the customer's current balance close to their credit limit? You can specify the percentage.
  • Does the customer have any undisputed invoices significantly overdue? You can define the number of days.

Please Note: Xero does not currently cater for "On-Stop" or "Disputed Invoices"

Pricing for Solweb's Accounts Gateway®

 Monthly Cost *Configuration & Set up **
  Sage 50Monthly Cost * £145Configuration & Set up ** £495
  Sage 200Monthly Cost * £255Configuration & Set up ** £995
  Access DimensionsMonthly Cost * £255Configuration & Set up ** £995
  XeroMonthly Cost * £145Configuration & Set up ** £995

Prices exclude VAT. * Each additional database = £50. **For each additional database the same configuration and set up applies.