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A new look for 123Insight

As we continue our journey as part of Forterro, you may have already started to see some exciting changes to the look of the 123Insight brand.

Read the letter from Forterro CEO, Dean Forbes, to discover what's changing and why.

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As you probably already know, 123Insight has been a part of a larger group called Forterro for a couple of years. Over the past decade, Forterro has grown significantly, and within the group there are now twelve other ERP systems in addition to 123Insight (and also OrderWise) in the UK. 

We've been operating in isolation for a long time, but now it's time to become one and the same brand and start thinking of ourselves as Forterro. Therefore, we will gradually introduce our new brand, Forterro, while 123Insight will continue to exist as a product. For you as a customer, this change mainly affects the visual impression you get from us. It's still the same product that we will continue to develop, and you will still work with the same people. 

You can view a letter from our CEO, Dean Forbes, where he tells you a bit more about what this means for you as a customer. If you have any questions, you are, of course, welcome to get in touch!

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Dean Forbes - CEO of Forterro

A letter from the CEO

Forterro CEO, Dean Forbes, has written a letter to tell you a little more about what this means for you as a customer.

"Our commitment to this market is unwavering which is why we have updated our brand to better represent how we strengthen and accelerate our customers’ ability to operate efficiently and compete effectively."

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