MRP Training Courses and Implementation

Core MRP system courses


Creation and maintenance of customers, price lists, quotations and sales orders. Also covers the visibility of outstanding sales orders and how to despatch.


Creation of suppliers, invitation to tenders, purchase orders and purchase contracts. Also covers taking a purchase order through approval and raising purchase requisitions.


The creation and maintenance of parts, bills of materials and routings. The handling of up-issue, design change, mass change, obsolescence management.


This course covers works orders from raising them, through to completion. It'll include the management of works orders, capacity planning, labour bookings and shop floor data collection.

Prerequisites: Engineering. Ideally users will also have attended the Purchasing course.


Management of production and supply chain processes by running MRP and understanding the suggestions it makes. Covers all basic MRP functionality.

Prerequisites: Engineering. Ideally users will also have attended the Purchasing course.

System Admin & Finance

Covering invoices, credits, purchase invoice match, understanding how costing works (including financial reports like stock valuation, WIP valuation, cost of sales, GRNI) and landed costs.

The System Administration element covers key functions of 123insight such as setting up users, assigning security and basic layout amendments of key documents.

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123insight Masterclasses

Technical Masterclass

How to access your SQL data in the 123insight database and produce ad-hoc, company specific reports and/or excel exports. This course also covers the elements of SQL relevant to 123insight - access control, backup strategies, queries and scripts, and how to create stored procedures for use in reports.

Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of database administration and report writing.

CRM+ Masterclass

Utilising the added functionality around 'companies' that CRM+ provides. We cover traditional sales-related CRM+ functions and areas such as notes, actions, relationships and mail shots.

Additionally we cover Processes (workflow) which can be used for controlling any number of complex processes within your company, including many around quality issues.

Prerequisites: Competent user of the company file and raising quotations.

MRP Masterclass

Building on the basic MRP course, this Masterclass goes in to more detail on rescheduling and cancellations and discusses how users would actually react to these suggestions in the real world.

Prerequisites: Attended the core MRP course.

Project Based Manufacturing

Requires the CRM+ option. The creation and maintenance of projects including Advanced Project Control, and covering concepts such as Links, Assignments, Ranking and Auto-Assign.

Prerequisites: Attended the core Sales & Purchasing courses.

Advanced Serial Tracking

Serial tracking in it's entirety. The course covers setting up serial number formats, switching on serial tracking, serial linkage, sub operations, tools, skills matrix and external approval.

Prerequisites: Attended the core Engineering course.

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