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25th March 2021

New releases of 123insight and 123mobile

New features include changes for Brexit and enhancements to part/batch issuing

123 Insight Limited has today announced the release of v10.12 of its core 123insight MRP/ERP manufacturing software and v1.45 if its 123mobile stores and shop floor tablet-based software.

123insight v10.12 allows users to store EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) numbers against both customers and suppliers, which can then be easily added to any documents or reports. The optional Data Import Toolkit has also been updated, allowing companies migrating to 123insight to automatically import these fields.

V10.12 also includes the ability to restrict miscellaneous transactions by location ratings, such as allowing or denying staff to adjust existing batches or perform unplanned issues from stock.

Simon Badger - MD of 123 Insight Ltd123 Insight’s tablet-based app 123mobile v1.45 includes several new functions to aid staff in stores and on the shop floor. Users can now issue a part to multiple works orders simultaneously, with the ability to easily view any batches that were issued along with any serial numbers. Stores requests can also now be issued directly from the app, and users can also now perform partial bin transfers of selected batches.

Simon Badger, Managing Director commented; “These enhancements to 123insight continue to help manufacturers navigate the complexities of Brexit, while 123mobile allows companies to move away from PCs in the stock room and on the shop floor, instead giving the staff the opportunity to use low-cost tablets. This means less walking, no sharing a PC and greater social distancing.”

All 123insight customers can update to the latest version at no cost under the monthly subscription. A remote update service is available for £295.

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About 123insight:

The company was founded in 2000 as a response to the fundamental flaws inherent in the traditional ERP/MRP selection and implementation process. 123 Insight has been either nominated or has won dozens of awards, often due to the speed of implementation and the immediate return on investment. The system is suitable for all type, shapes, sizes and industries, with all customers using the same ‘off-the-shelf’ product.

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