Press Release
For Immediate Release
28th September 2017

123insight offers free MRP tutorials/demo videos

Choice of either USB or immediate online access available

123 Insight today announced that prospective customers of its MRP/ERP system can now choose to either receive a USB stick containing hours of tutorial videos or gain immediate access to the content online.

123insight USB stick with MRP Demo MoviesThe videos are broken down by role, allowing department managers such as Sales, Purchasing, Stores, Quality and Accounts to review the information that is critical for their jobs.

Said Guy Amoroso, MD; "By providing two methods of delivery we are allowing people to view the videos any way they want and on any device. The online versions can be viewed on a desktop, tablet or even a mobile. Each video is around 10-15 minutes in length - enough time to provide a great deal of information without significantly impacting on the working day. Breaking the videos down into job-specific content helps to answer the common questions and concerns that individual managers have, dispelling many of the traditional myths about the impact of implementing MRP."

Companies can request the free USB stick either via or by calling the 123 Insight offices on 01489 860851.

About the 123insight Demo Movies

Users can access around a dozen demo movies, broken up by job role. This allows relevant staff from sales, purchasing, production, accounts, etc. to understand exactly what 123insight can do - not only for their specific job role but for the business as a whole. Each movie is around 10-15 minutes long, giving you enough information to get a good understanding without overcomplicating matters. It's a great precursor to the Evaluation Workshop, helping you to build questions to ask on the day. Attendees of the Evaluation Workshop also receive a free copy of our book 'How to implement a manufacturing system'.

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