Press Release
For Immediate Release
15th February 2010

New website, now with added 'Howard'!

Interactive assistant on website, home to the award winning manufacturing enterprise management software has been redesigned and now also includes an innovative technology to engage with visitors.

The entire site has been restructured, with new content added based on user feedback. The pricing section has been simplified, minimising the amount of fields the user has to complete in order to provide a full quote on-screen, which can then either be printed or downloaded in PDF format.

When visitors arrive at the site's new home page they are greeted by Howard, a presenter located in the bottom right of the screen. He delivers a brief overview of the product, its suitability, and the unique way in which users acquire it, and then invites the user to either book directly on an Evaluation Workshop or to hear a 60 second briefing, which gives more in-depth information about the system.

Guy Amoroso, Managing Director said; "We feel that this is a unique way to engage with clients. The feedback we've had is that when people are looking for a new MRP or ERP system they have to read a lot of content in order to gauge whether a product will meet their needs. By adding the extra dimension of a video presenter we can bridge that gap and deliver the most relevant information to them in addition to the content on the page. We already have a considerable amount of video on the site in the form of case studies. We've also had an excellent response to our pricing calculator - no other company in this sector provides complete, transparent pricing in this way, and users find it refreshing to be able to obtain a quote in seconds."

123insight provides an end-to-end solution that is suitable for virtually any manufacturing environment, including aerospace, marine, automotive, medical, food, textiles, electronics and oil. It has options for CRM, e-commerce and integration/interfaces into all major accounting systems.

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