Press Release
For Immediate Release
19th January 2009

CRM option for 123insight MRP software announced

Subscription CRM option tightly integrated with MRP

123 Insight Ltd today announced a CRM option for its 123insight production management solution and also called for a redefinition of the term CRM, which traditionally only covers sales activities.

CRM Contact DetailsIn order to develop the CRM option 123 Insight Ltd consulted in depth with many existing users and created a ground up implementation. The company kept the acronym however it now stands for a more holistic definition:

Communication Requirements Management.

As a result of this approach users of the 123insight across any department have the ability to create 'processes' based on current procedures and then define 'actions' against them. These might include progressing sales leads, contract review, non-conformance reporting/corrective actions, handling of complaints, compliance issues, supplier audits etc. Actions can be either repeating functions or one-off items that need progressing such as accounts queries or the involvement of a senior manager to contact a customer etc.

CRM Menu optionsGuy Amoroso, Managing Director, commented; "The complexity and inadequacy of generally available Customer Relationship Management systems has been a long-standing complaint among our manufacturing users. So we took a closer look, and they were right. A major hole in nearly all these systems is that they fail to address the 'non-sales' relationships - with suppliers, potential suppliers, other staff members within your company, business partners, regulatory bodies and so on - without which the customer can't always be given the best possible service. Furthermore, many CRM systems take no account of the day-to-day routine tasks and procedures, which also need to be managed in a timely manner to help drive your business forward."

The system also allows for flexible mail shots to be created by outputting an Excel spreadsheet of contacts who match required criteria, and to record against each contact that a mail shot has been sent. For example, send the latest Company Newsletter to all contacts flagged to receive "company newsletter" and send the latest Price List to all contacts that have roles in Purchasing. All general communications (notes) and actions are visible on a searchable grid on the contact record. Any type of document (e.g. PDF, Word, and Email) may be dragged and dropped into the note, so that the company record becomes the master record for all of the company's communications in both incoming and outgoing directions. Generous User-defined Analysis with 10 "drop down" free format analysis fields and 10 "free entry" free format text fields.

Training for the system is one day, and the cost of the system is 20% of the standard monthly subscription of 123insight. A full MRP prices calculator is available online.

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