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11th April 2003

123 Insight Ltd to host free MRP Evaluation Workshops

Events explain the benefits of MRP software

Southampton - UK. 123 Insight Limited will be hosting several free half-day workshops at their UK headquarters in Totton (now Durley), Southampton. The workshops are designed to demonstrate how manufacturing systems can improve productivity and how the implementation of a rented system removes the large initial capital outlay.

Several workshops have been scheduled throughout the summer on the following dates:

28th May 2003
25th June 2003
23rd July 2003
27th August 2003

During the course of the 2 ½ hour seminar users are presented with a comparison between traditional MRP systems, normally purchased outright and paid for up-front, and the 123insight Manufacturing system, which starts from £150 per month for the first license and £30 per license thereafter. They can also see real-world examples of how the 123insight system simplifies day-to-day task such as being able to react quickly to customer demands, creating basic data, progressing and tracking of orders and the like.

Commented Guy Amoroso, Managing Director; “These workshops offer an easy method to evaluate our system in a relaxed, non-pressurised environment. The session also provides an illuminating comparison between the unique '123insight Approach' and that of 'traditional' MRP systems, with particular emphasis on cost, time and the effort required in getting systems up and running. Many customers do, quite literally, decide after attending just one of our workshops. All pricing details for software and services are made crystal clear with no hidden extras”.

The 123insight Manufacturing system is available on a monthly subscription basis, with no minimum contract tie-in period. Users can walk away at any time with no penalty. To date, none of 123 Insight Ltd's customers who have implemented the system to run their businesses have cancelled their subscription.

Spaces are limited and are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Attendees can register by calling 023 8086 1003 or book online at

Note: Online events are now also available. Visit the events page for details.

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