123insight delivers business efficiency.

Whether it's to improve your stock control, have better control over your bills of materials, or simply have greater visibility, 123insight manufacturing software streamlines processes across all departments.

Laptop with Bill of Materials from MRP software


See how 123insight delivers control and flexibility, and can help with efficiency in your engineering department.

MRP build control

Build Control

Create comprehensive bills of materials, with multiple sub-assemblies, subcontract activity and alternate version control.

Revision Control

Structure your manufacturing with revision control available on all your parts and products. Plan the phasing and switch from one version to another with Effectivity Dates, change notes and cutover reminders and signoffs.

MRP revision control
MRP alternative parts

Alternative parts

Plan for security and contingency with the ability to store alternative approved parts within your BOMs so should you come into supply limitations on one part, you can switch your manufacturing to consume another.

Multiple Methods

Perhaps you want to manufacture a product in house but also have the freedom to outsource it, should you need to cover periods of high demand, 123insight provides the ultimate flexibility through primary and alternative methods associated with your parts/ products.

MRP multiple methods
MRP product costing

Product Costing

Clear and structured breakdown of your BOM, labour and subcontract costs allowing for quick decision making and comparisons of different manufacturing options.


Supply Chain

Have visibility and control over your suppliers, products, pricing, performance, and more.

MRP alternative suppliers

Alternative Suppliers

Add multiple suppliers against your parts, providing you the flexibility and security to switch between suppliers as demand fluctuates and if problems appear in your supply chain.

Supplier Part Numbers

Store and associate supplier part numbers against your purchased part numbers so that there is never any breakdown in communication when sourcing parts and chasing deliveries.

MRP supplier part numbers
Minimum stock and reorder levels

Minimum Stock and Reorder Levels

Build continency into your inventory and supply chain using Minimum Stock Quantities and Reorder Levels to ensure you remain shortage free, even when your suppliers face problems.


Context-sensitive right-click options allow you to intelligently drill down on any data, from anywhere within the system.

MRP financial visibility
Internal notes

Internal Notes

Store all your supplier phone calls, purchase order clarifications and delivery updates in one handy place using Internal Notes. Helping share information with colleagues and across departments and ensuring no communications are lost.



Complete control and visibility of your suppliers, their products and performance.

MRP batch traceability

Batch Traceability

Batch number traceability is inherent and built into the fabric of 123insight. Whenever parts are received, unique batch numbers are generated, recorded and tracked through the system so you have full traceability from creation through to which of your products they were used in.

Goods-in Inspection

Manage quality inspection on a part by part and supplier by supplier basis using inspection templates and sample quantities set against individual parts. Even link 123insight to you inspection equipment using our SDK (link to SDK page) and record inspection results in the system.

MPR goods-in inspection
MRP tool calibration


Manage your tools, jigs and machinery calibration in 123insight ensuring your parts and products are measured and setup correctly and your line never goes down because you discover an uncalibrated tool

Expiry Dates

Record and track expiry dates of parts such as resins, adhesives and paints from the second they are received into your business, ensuring you always have the visibility of material shelf lives.

Track expiry dates



Accelerate common tasks such as building quotes or managing custom price lists.

Price lists in MRP software


Pricing based on quantity cost breaks, customer specific product pricelists, customer discount structures by product groups and cost+ pricing are just a few examples of how 123insight has your pricing requirements covered.

Delivery Metrics

Monitor and report out on customer delivery metrics helping you measure how successful you are at meeting the promises you make to your customers but also whether you are able to satisfy delivery to their original request dates.

MRP delivery metrics
Price lists in MRP software


Easily copy and progress Quotations into Sales Orders with a few simple clicks. Capture the reasons you won the sale along the way allowing you to review and report on at a later date.



Control your bill of material, manufacturing methods, subcontracting, and much more.

MRP trial kits

Trial Kit

Quickly identify whether you have inventory in stock to satisfy an urgent customer order, or easily investigate what's the maximum quantity you can make using the raw materials you have using 123insight's Trial Kit.


Fully record supplier serial numbers when receiving parts such as PCBs or Castings into stock. Generate serial numbers for any of your in house manufactured assemblies. Track serial numbers throughout their use in manufacturing and ultimately where they are used in your products. Ensure you have that traceability and confidence that you know exactly what part, batch and serial number has been used in your products and who they were shipped to.

MRP part serialisation
MRP trial kits

Shortage Visibility

Simple visibility of what work can be started, and whether there are any parts shortages, with a useful look ahead to the future movements showing you when any shortages should clear.

Activity Monitoring

Easy visibility of who is clocked in and what they are working on allowing monitoring of production activities without needing to be on the shop floor.

MRP part serialisation
MRP trial kits

Production Management

Easily see where your production is stalled and what activities are running behind, helping you reprioritise your resources to ensure you get back on track.



Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, with data instantly available.

MRP financial visibility

Financial Visibility

Instant visibility of your order book, invoices, purchases, stock on hand and work in progress, with optional integration with market-leading accounts systems.



Extend your 123insight manufacturing system further with these options:


Use low-cost Android tablets in stores and on the shop floor to quickly perform common tasks such as transferring stock or shop floor data collection.

Tablet-based shop floor MRP


Connect 123insight to virtually any other data system (such as intranets, websites, machine monitoring or testing and measurement equipment) with our Software Development Kit.

Connect to any system


Connect 123insight to popular accounts systems such as XERO, Sage 50/200, Access Dimensions or Pegasus.

MRP/Accounts connectivity


123bi provides browser-based business intelligence, with meaningful dashboards and dynamic graphical displays from your 123insight data.

Browser-based analytics


CRM+ is an integral and essential efficiency tool for all areas of your business. It incorporates 'workflow' capability to support, manage and drive your business forward.

Integrated CRM

Data Import Toolkit

The 123insight Data Import Toolkit is designed to streamline the data migration process by providing all of the tools and support that you need.

MRP data import toolkit