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    123insight Manufacturing Enterprise Management Software

    'The most cost-effective employee in your company.'

    The risk-free approach to evaluating and implementing MRP/ERP software

    No-Obligation Training - know how to implement before you've spent a penny.

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No massive up-front outlay

123insight is unique. Attend the Evaluation Workshop to see if the system is right for you. If it is, then attend the six days of No-Obligation training, and only pay if you subscribe.

Six days of No-Obligation Training

The entire core system is covered in just six days of training, split across five dedicated courses aimed at specific job roles. Send the right people to learn about functions specific to their jobs.

Low monthly subscription

From just £182 per month 123insight becomes your most cost-effective employee, with no lengthy tie-in period. You can increase or decrease the number of licences in use at any time.

No sales people

Unlike the traditional MRP/ERP sales approach where you are 'sold' software, consultancy, training and maintenance, all often costing tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, 123 Insight has no sales staff.

Simple user interface

With a common interface throughout, staff quickly become familiar with 123insight, and are often able to cover other roles because they 'know' the software.


Our aim is to make you self-sufficient and able to install the software yourself, but our HelpDesk is there if you need it, with highly trained staff able to connect to your system remotely in seconds.

The Evaluation Workshop

See the software in action to understand exactly what it will do for your business.

Everything you need to know in 2 ½ hours

With several events held in locations across the UK every month, the Evaluation Workshop is a relaxed and informal way to see the software in action. Get to ask all of your key questions, and often others will ask the questions that you never thought of.

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Software Demo Videos

Not ready to attend an Evaluation Workshop yet? Simply request access to our online Software Demo Videos and you can review over a dozen videos, each focussed on particular job role.

No risk, no catch...

...just everything you need to make an informed decision. After the Evaluation Workshop you can then move ahead to No-Obligation Training. Once completed you have all the knowledge you need to implement and go live. If you were to decide that 123insight was not suitable at that stage you can walk away with nothing to pay, and with a lot more knowledge than when you started.

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Customer Comments

  • Evridge Group LtdEvridge Group Ltd

    I knew what to expect but I often see staff with their mouths open thinking 'How does it do that and why didn't we do it like that before?'

    Glen Molineux
    Managing Director

  • Greenbest LimitedGreenbest Limited

    One of the many reasons that 123insight and especially CRM+ was implemented was to increase our visibility in the market so that we could get government and council based contracts, which always require a level of accreditation.

    Tim LeMesurier
    Managing Director

  • Advanced Plastics & Composites LimitedAdvanced Plastics & Composites Limited

    The beauty of 123insight is that we could implement the system ourselves.

    Rob Anderson
    Operations Director

  • Quelch Engineering LtdQuelch Engineering Ltd

    We are now telling a company that had previously called us a 'seat of the pants' company the error of their ways in terms of out of date prices and impossible leadtimes.

    Alan See
    Managing Director

  • Butser Rubber LtdButser Rubber Ltd

    123insight is so much more efficient than how we used to work - it’s taken out all of the running around as everyone has access to the same information. Our offices are like a rabbit warren and it could regularly take 10 minutes to find the person you needed to get an answer. 123insight certainly improves communication and has revolutionised what we do.

    Nigel Easton
    Managing Director

  • FlowplantFlowplant

    Our new integrated 123insight and Access Accounts system has placed us in a better strategic position.

    Mark Bastable
    Group Financial Director

  • Polyseam LtdPolyseam Ltd

    123insight's pricing policy is very open and clear. Reporting is much quicker and stronger now. Previously we had to wait to the end of the quarter for profit information - now we have this information live on a day by day basis

    Neil Sutulic
    IT Manager

  • Otodynamics LtdOtodynamics Ltd

    Despite a new product launch we've not had to increase staff to cope with the demand… Support has been top notch.

    Michael Kirk
    Divisional Manager

  • Materials SolutionsMaterials Solutions

    The attractive feature of the CRM module within 123insight was the workflow. We've already recommended 123insight to a company in our industry who are just going live. The system allows us to work in parallel rather than a sequential fashion and will be a key part of our future business growth and accreditation processes.

    Gordon Green
    Director of Engineering

  • Vortok InternationalVortok International

    The structures screen is brilliant… … you start in one area, go off on a tangent and end up back where you were. The drill-down is fantastic.

    Chris Duffy
    Operations Improvement Engineer

  • Amarinth LimitedAmarinth Limited

    123insight has increased our visibility of everything that is going on and is central to our core IT strategy.

    Oliver Brigginshaw
    Managing Director

  • Meridian Medical LtdMeridian Medical Ltd

    Our Despatch Manager, who was historically the most resistant to change is now the system's strongest advocate as he is in total control.

    Tony Cooper
    Production Manager

  • CSI Electonic Manufacturing Services LtdCSI Electonic Manufacturing Services Ltd

    We’re confident that we will reduce our stockholding by 25% by the end of the year and almost eliminate stock inaccuracies… ...had I come across 123insight in my previous role we would have saved megabucks.

    Adrian Winch
    Managing Director

  • Greenfield Engineering LtdGreenfield Engineering Ltd

    The123insight business model has allowed us to invest in other areas - it was £100 out of our budget that we were able to use elsewhere.

    Gary Burnard
    Operations Director

  • Cogent Technology LtdCogent Technology Ltd

    123insight has exceeded our expectations. We now have a system that does everything we wanted incredibly well, and it also includes other features we didn’t think of.

    Nigel Slator

  • Canyon Europe LtdCanyon Europe Ltd

    If we'd have spend £65,000 plus the ongoing costs on a different system that did not work out, that would have caused us a major problem.

    Graeme Bennett
    Plant/Business Development Manager

  • Ovation Systems LtdOvation Systems Ltd

    Since the implementation of 123insight we are very clear about our stock position...'s about 20% faster for me to do what I want to do in 123insight than our previous system.

    Jeremy Rowe
    Director of Operations

  • Industrial Physics Product Integrity LtdIndustrial Physics Product Integrity Ltd

    Essentially it was operational immediately and we were getting payback from day one. There are always significant features in each new release and this provides long term benefit to our business.

    Steve Hanks
    Company Secretary

  • Refcool Refrigeration LtdRefcool Refrigeration Ltd

    The return on investment is very short for the level of investment we made. It’s within the first few months of use - almost instantaneous.

    Rob Pritchard
    Sales Director

  • Mako Boardsports LimitedMako Boardsports Limited

    In terms of ROI, it's definitely the right decision to have 123insight in the company because of the capability of the system and the support you get from it, compared with the very small amount you have to pay for it per month.

    Richard Bromley
    Supply Chain Manager

  • Endeavour Speciality Chemicals LtdEndeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd

    If you ask any of the dept heads within the company now I don’t think they could see life without 123insight. It’s so instrumental to the way we perform.

    Dr Stewart House
    General Manager

  • Adapt EMS LtdAdapt EMS Ltd

    We're just delighted with the software and we love the way the company runs... ...without being too clichéd the support has been exemplary. I wish more suppliers would offer that level of support.

    Guy Janney
    Managing Director

  • Water Tecnik LtdWater Tecnik Ltd

    I could confidently say that we could triple or quadruple our turnover without employing any more admin staff to look after stock, purchase orders, etc.

    Seamus McAleenan
    Engineering Manager

  • DRM Industrial Fabrics LtdDRM Industrial Fabrics Ltd

    Business is about managing risk. If you’re always dealing with the same people that you’ve learnt to trust it’s a big advantage. It’s easy to become friends with someone that you don’t have disputes with.

    Peter McGuinness
    Managing Director

  • PB Design and Development LtdPB Design and Development Ltd

    Remarkably we didn't look at any other systems because of the proposition that 123insight offers, from the reassurance I got from others and the awards that they'd won. I am not a person that makes decisions lightly or quickly, and that was quite an unusual thing for me to do.

    Tim Broomfield
    Managing Director

  • Lawtronic LtdLawtronic Ltd

    123insight was right up front with subscription in the early days whereas the rest of the industry is only recently following suit... I like the fact that it's pretty much one size fits all and you get the total product.

    Dave Tester
    Managing Director

  • Eco-Burner Ltd.Eco-Burner Ltd.

    123insight is the cheapest employee we have in the building. To add five production facilities, four warehouses and 800-900% growth with the same resources speaks for itself.

    Ciaran Doyle

  • FHS Motor Racing LtdFHS Motor Racing Ltd

    The fact that you could go from a part enquiry into a sales order into a works order or a purchase order just seamlessly and all through one screen was such a joy... couldn't employ someone for the money we spend on 123insight to do what it does.

    Greg Giles
    Commercial Manager

  • Percival Aviation LtdPercival Aviation Ltd

    We look back on the relationship with 123insight and it's been great for us - we are very happy. Quite honestly, it does feel like 123insight is just a part of our business.

    Neil Percival
    Managing Director

  • D & G Moulding LtdD & G Moulding Ltd

    We were looking for a software product that was easy to use, and also one that would be well supported, something that we felt appeared to be lacking in the industry.The system delivered everything we were looking for - it allows us to identify the key indicators we need every month to judge how we are performing.

    David Ivy
    Company Secretary

  • Applied Component Technology LtdApplied Component Technology Ltd

    The offer of only paying for the training if we took up the system seemed too good to be true - we were looking for the catch but actually there isn't one!

    Nick English
    Operations Director

  • Geotechnical LtdGeotechnical Ltd

    123insight contributed enormously to providing more information on profitability, which allowed us to make some radical business decisions. The proof of the systems success is in our profitability - we needed data to effectively improve our management of the business, 123insight gave it to us.

    Tony Watson
    Operations Director

  • Syrris LtdSyrris Ltd

    Spending tens of thousands of pounds up front is never very attractive for a rapidly growing company, so 123insight as the advantage. The planning capabilities have been a godsend.

    Rob Ranford
    Head of Operations

  • Contrec Manufacturing (UK) LtdContrec Manufacturing (UK) Ltd

    We simply could not have made the transition from distributor to manufacturer without 123insight. We really do feel that we get value for money from it every month.

    Pam Casson
    Managing Director

  • RH Technical Industries LtdRH Technical Industries Ltd

    The thought of moving to a new MRP system without even having a contract in place was very attractive. Doing the training at no risk made the decision even easier.

    Chris Hills

  • Toucan Systems LtdToucan Systems Ltd

    ISO9000 is an ambition and certainly the traceability aspect of 123insight was a main reason for selecting it. We didn’t anticipate how useful it would become to us. The low startup cost is very significant when we compared it with any other MRP system we found out there. I think that 123insight has a unique offering.

    David Wakeling
    Managing Director

  • Dynacast  LtdDynacast Ltd

    The way that the product is provided in terms of cost is novel, and it works. I like the fact that you don't pay a penny until you sign up - it’s a good way of obtaining the product.

    Dave Ashford
    Production Manager

  • AGW Electronics LtdAGW Electronics Ltd

    When dealing with 123insight you feel, quite rightly, that you are dealing with a company that cares... ...rather than being in a 'take it or leave it' situation.

    Nigel Godwin

  • Image On Food LtdImage On Food Ltd

    123insight has given me the foundations of the future of the business in terms of how we can grow it. It's the answer to all of our problems, going from 'no planning' to 'full planning'.

    Tim Hopcroft
    Managing Director

  • Mantec Engineering LtdMantec Engineering Ltd

    Over the various versions used we have seen the product get progressively better. I’ve been very impressed with the drive and enthusiasm of the 123insight team - they are constantly striving to develop and improve it for all customers.

    Nick Kidd
    General Manager

  • CT Production LtdCT Production Ltd

    It was a no-brainer to re-select 123insight. The investment we maide was paid back pretty quickly and it leads to ongoing savings.

    Mario Morilla
    Managing Director

  • Swift Precision LtdSwift Precision Ltd

    We'll be taking more staff on to handle 123insight and I'll be able to train them in-house. Upgrading 123insight for more users will only be a minor monthly increase rather than spending another few thousand on more licences.

    Nicolas Smith
    Managing Director

  • Beck Optronic LimitedBeck Optronic Limited

    If you’re transacting less then there’s the potential for fewer errors... ...The fact that there weren’t any up-front costs made a significant difference.

    Andy Hedges
    Operations Director

  • Cygnus Instruments LtdCygnus Instruments Ltd

    I would say that 123insight has easily paid for itself inside a year, but my gut feeling is maybe half of that... ...I reckon that we could grow by a third before we would need to take on another person in Operations or Admin because of how much we can process through 123insight.

    Lulu Crossthwaite-Eyre

  • MKP GroupMKP Group

    When MKP wanted to look at an MRP system we started off with the project and then moved onto implementing it across the company. We didn’t even go elsewhere - straight away the decision was that we’d go with 123insight.

    Hannah Read
    Financial Control Manager

  • I M Kelly R & A LtdI M Kelly R & A Ltd

    We chose 123insight because it was not overly complicated. Although it did everything you could pick and choose what you wanted to use and it did not affect the whole system if you chose not to use an element. The system was also far more cost-effective to obtain. The other systems we looked at started out at up to £30,000 but this reduced rapidly when we negotiated. Even the lease-based products were working out 3-4 times more expensive than 123insight.

    Keith Griffiths

  • Platinum Precision Engineering LtdPlatinum Precision Engineering Ltd

    After going live we haven’t looked back. It runs and does its job, and doesn’t really need much support or input. It’s a fantastic system.

    Ross Fleming


What makes 123insight so different?

Many MRP/ERP systems have grown out of acquisition, with software companies being purchased and their products bolted on to the core system. Furthermore, MRP vendors rely on customer dependency as an ongoing revenue source. 123insight was developed from the ground-up to be a complete system that users could install themselves and requiring minimum support.

How can you offer a complete system at such a low price?

Our business model is completely different to the traditional approach. We were first in this industry to offer subscription before it even became 'a thing'. Our costs are greatly reduced as we don't have a fleet of sales people on the road, and by holding Evaluation Workshops around the UK each month we also reduce the amount of man-hours that both we and our prospects spend on the evaluation process. Customers implement the software themselves, with us carrying out installations remotely. Our average support call rate to the HelpDesk is one call per customer per month. so we don't have to employ hordes of technical staff.

Will it really work/fit my business?

Every business is different, yet 123insight was designed on the outset to be as suitable for a company with only a handful of staff as it is for multi-nationals. We have customers in all shapes and sizes, covering all manufacturing types and business sectors.

How easy is it to get data in/out of 123insight?

During implementation you have the option of using the Data Import Toolkit, which helps you to reshape your data from any other format to make it easy to import into 123insight. Once you're live, if you need to interface to any third party system our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you access to safely communicate with the 123insight SQL database, safe in the knowledge that if either system is upgraded the SDK will maintain the link between the two without further updates required.

What are the awards about?

Since 2007 we've either been nominated or have won over 30 awards due to the demonstrable return on investment our customers have seen after implementation. It's just further proof that 123insight is respected by our peers as well as being trusted by our customers.

Who already uses 123insight?

Hundreds of companies in the UK and around the world are using the system since the company's foundation in 2000. Take a look at our case studies, covering various industry sectors. You can also see our new '10 years on' series, detailing customers that have been using 123insight for over a decade, the continuing benefits they have seen and how the system has continued to suit their business, regardless of how it may have changed over the years.

What's my next step?

You can either request access to view the online Software Demo Videos or book to attend a local Evaluation Workshop. Once you've satisfied yourself that 123insight should be a good fit for your business then book to attend the six days of No-Obligation Training, after which you're ready to implement and go live.

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