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Case Study: Water Tecnik Ltd

Water Tecnik Ltd, an engineering company based in Camlough, Northern Ireland designs and manufactures industrial effluent treatment systems. They were struggling with their manual, paper-based systems, but always intended to implement an MRP system shortly after the business was initially founded. After attending a local 123insight Evaluation workshop, hosted by QMS Insight Ltd, the company decided to move ahead, going live within one month. Their implementation was so successful that they were joint winners in the local council Excellence in Manufacturing awards.

A year later, Water Tecnik entered themselves into their local council's business awards and were joint winners as a direct result of their successful implementation of 123insight; "Our local council had their inaugural business awards, with one category being 'Excellence in Manufacturing'. It was geared towards any company that had used IT to improve their efficiency in manufacturing. So, based on having the confidence that 123insight had improved the efficiency of our business, we entered ourselves and were lucky enough to jointly win the category alongside a fairly large local company."

"Moving to larger premises has enabled us to take on bigger contracts. This means much larger bills of materials, more complicated and lengthy purchase orders, and more works orders. We will continue to expand 123insight as the business grows. I could confidently say that we could triple or quadruple our turnover without employing any more admin staff to look after stock, purchase orders, etc. because of 123insight. For Water Tecnik, 123insight has been a very worthwhile investment because of the subscription model. The return we've got for the outlay has been fantastic."

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