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MRP Case Study: Syrris Limited

Electronics manufacturer Syrris Limited, based in Royston, Herts, make automated products for research and development chemists. Founded in 2001, the company had previously relied on a low-cost stock/orders application that ran alongside a collection of spreadsheets, but were finding that this was causing problems as the business expanded. Rob Ranford, Head of Operations said; "There was too much of a requirement for people to juggle information in their heads. We were losing information or not performing actions that needed to happen, and subsequently we spent too much time firefighting. It was at this point that we knew the systems we had were no longer viable for the turnover we were operating at, let alone the expansion plans that we had for the company." CEO Mike Hawes added; "As the turnover grew the number of problems increased at a faster rate as more things fell through the cracks.". The company was able to reduce stock by 50%, bring stock inaccuracies to under 1% and build high quality customisable reports.

Benefits achieved

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