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Mako Board Sports Ltd

Mako Board Sports, a part of Gilo Industries, already knew that 123insight would be a good fit for their business, as it has been used in other companies within the group for several years. They went from training and were able to implement and go-live within a fortnight, and now have complete traceability of products, both during manufacture and when they come back for service or repair. Serial numbers of components are also tracked, as well as product test data. The shop floor is also taking advantage of 123mobile's Android tablet app for stock control and shop floor data collection, and terminals relay KPI information pulled dynamically from the system via PowerPoint. Integration to Solweb's Web Portal provides seamless e-commerce capabilities, with customers able to see live stock information.

You can also download the PDF Case Study.

In terms of ROI, it's definitely the right decision to have 123insight in the company because of the capability of the system and the support you get from it, compared with the very small amount you have to pay for it per month.

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