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Textile manufacturer DRM increase turnover by 50% with same staff

Now running across three companies in the group

After replacing a home-grown FoxPro database system with 123insight in 2007, textile manufacturer DRM Industrial Fabrics saw on-time deliveries improve, much better visibility/reporting on stock and purchasing, and were part of the customer development group for 123insight’s CRM+. Since then, DRM has not only extended 123insight throughout their facility, but also implemented into two other companies within the group. This ‘10 Years On’ case study explores the company’s diversification and how 123insight has helped them to achieve this.

In addition to the benefits they have seen across their own company, DRM have also rolled out 123insight to two other companies within the group. One of the businesses had been trying to implement an alternative system for over a year before they were acquired by DRM. Although, due to the tens of thousands of pounds they had already invested, there was resistance to change, the decision was made to drop the system in favour of 123insight, which was subsequently installed, trained and up and running within two weeks.

MD Peter McGuinness felt that the relationship they have with 123 Insight made it a simple decision to continue with it, expand its use and to roll it out to the other companies. He concluded; “Business is about risk and managing risk. If you're always dealing with the same people that you’ve learnt to trust it’s a big advantage. It’s easy to become friends with someone that you don’t have disputes with.

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