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'10 Years On' case studies of 123insight software users

The 'Ten Years On' series focuses on companies that have been using 123insight for a decade or more. In addition to summarising the initial benefits they saw after implementation we investigate how their businesses have changed over the years and where they've benefitted further from 123insight throughout their facilities.

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Featured case studies

Manufacturers of high quality rubber mouldings, gaskets and metal to rubber bonded products.

123insight is so much more efficient than how we used to work - it’s taken out all of the running around as everyone has access to the same information. Our offices are like a rabbit warren and it could regularly take 10 minutes to find the person you needed to get an answer. 123insight certainly improves communication and has revolutionised what we do.

Nigel Easton
Managing Director

In 2006 Butser Rubber decided to move away from their Microsoft Access based stock and production database, selecting and being trained on 123insight in just 4 weeks. They reduced paperwork by 90%, obtained much more accurate lead times and were able to run several company divisions through the same system. This '10 Years On' case study catches up with the company after a double-dip recession and details how the company not only survived but also increased turnover and expanded into new markets.

Manufacturers of industrial fabrics.

Business is about managing risk. If you’re always dealing with the same people that you’ve learnt to trust it’s a big advantage. It’s easy to become friends with someone that you don’t have disputes with.

Peter McGuinness
Managing Director

After replacing a home-grown FoxPro database system with 123insight in 2007, DRM Industrial Fabrics saw on-time deliveries improve, much better visibility/reporting on stock and purchasing, and were part of the customer development group for 123insight’s CRM+. Since then, DRM has not only extended 123insight throughout their facility, but also implemented into two other companies within the group. This ‘10 Years On’ case study explores the company’s diversification and how 123insight has helped them to achieve this.

Manufacturer of gingerbread novelties and other food products.

123insight has given me the foundations of the future of the business in terms of how we can grow it. It's the answer to all of our problems, going from 'no planning' to 'full planning'.

Tim Hopcroft
Managing Director

In 2004 Image On Food Ltd needed to move away from their collection of Excel spreadsheets and, after dismissing bakery-specific software as too inflexible, selected 123insight. They implemented the system at the same time as the BRC quality standard, and after going live they improved lead time accuracy from two weeks to three days, eradicated stock level errors and reduced low shelf life stock by 5%. This ‘10 Years On’ case study catches up with the company after moving premises, a double-dip recession and significant turnover increase to see how 123insight has helped their business.

Manufacturers of injection moulded and assembled medical devices.

Our Despatch Manager, who was historically the most resistant to change is now the system's strongest advocate as he is in total control.

Tony Cooper
Production Manager

In 2002 Meridian Medical replaced their previous MRP with 123insight after only five years, implementing and going live in just two weeks. A case study was written in 2004, citing 25% growth with the same admin staff level, reduction in stock inaccuracies and the Purchasing Managers monthly workload reducing from four days to half a day. Paperwork also reduced and the system became the backbone for ISO13485 and ISO9001. This new case study, a part of our 10 years on series, details how the business has grown, and what role 123insight has performed in its expansion.

Additional case studies

Advanced Plastics & Composites Ltd case study

Advanced Plastics & Composites Ltd

Injection Moulding company supplying the automotive industry.

AGW Electronics Ltd case study

AGW Electronics Ltd

Manufacturers of wound electronic components.

Corintech Ltd/Lascar Ltd case study

Corintech Ltd/Lascar Ltd

Two companies within the same group offering Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd MRP case study

Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd

Manufactures chemicals for the flavour and fragrance industry as well as for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and materials sciences sectors.

Lawtronic Ltd case study

Lawtronic Ltd

Custom designed electronic control panels.

MKP Group case study

MKP Group

Metal pressings and welded product manufacturer

Percival Aviation Ltd case study

Percival Aviation Ltd

Manufacturers of internal component for commercial aircraft.


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