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Case studies of EMS Electronics MRP/ERP/CRM software users

Many EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) and general electronics manufacturing companies already rely on 123insight to control their manufacturing operations. Below is a selection of companies that are using 123insight ERP/MRP, with details of the benefits they have achieved since implementation. You can also read our white paper on MRP for electronics manufacturers, highlighting the common issues that EMS manufacturers face and the benefits that MRP can deliver.

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Featured case studies

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

We're just delighted with the software and we love the way the company runs... ...without being too clichéd the support has been exemplary. I wish more suppliers would offer that level of support.

Guy Janney
Managing Director

Adapt EMS Ltd acquired two companies in 2006, each having their own MRP system. One had 123insight and the other had a system costing over £250,000 in software and customisation. After reviewing both systems MD Guy Janney selected 123insight. Since making the change the company has seen a 20% reduction in stock, which resulted in a real-world saving of £60,000, and is paying less with the 'pay as you go' monthly subscription than the maintenance of the previous system alone.

Manufacturers of refrigeration units for OEM customers and bespoke projects.

The return on investment is very short for the level of investment we made. It’s within the first few months of use - almost instantaneous.

Rob Pritchard
Sales Director

Refcool previously relied on a series of Excel spreadsheets and paper-based systems. Stock was inaccurate, which had a knock on effect with lead times, and getting reliable information was problematic and time-consuming. After implementing 123insight in 2012 the company saw an increase in turnover with the same number of admin staff and now run the software across two locations. They employed staff from a previous 123insight user, with some having over 15 years of experience with the software. CRM+ is also the backbone of their sales and quality accreditation management.

Additional case studies

AGW Electronics Ltd case study

AGW Electronics Ltd

Manufacturers of wound electronic components.

Beck Optronic Limited case study

Beck Optronic Limited

Designers and manufacturers of integrated optical systems

Cogent Technology Ltd case study

Cogent Technology Ltd

Contract electronics manufacturing services to the medical sector to ISO13485, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Contrec Manufacturing (UK) Ltd case study

Contrec Manufacturing (UK) Ltd

Flow management products

Corintech Ltd/Lascar Ltd case study

Corintech Ltd/Lascar Ltd

Two companies within the same group offering Electronic Manufacturing Services.

CSI Electonic Manufacturing Services Ltd case study

CSI Electonic Manufacturing Services Ltd

Electronc Manufacturing Services

Cygnus Instruments Ltd case study

Cygnus Instruments Ltd

Manufacturers of ultrasonic thickness gauges

Geotechnical Ltd MRP case study

Geotechnical Ltd

Manufacturer of measuring/monitoring equipment.

Heatsense Cables Ltd MRP case study

Heatsense Cables Ltd

Manufacturers of high performance cables and wires used in extreme environments.

Industrial Physics Product Integrity Ltd MRP case study

Industrial Physics Product Integrity Ltd

Manufacturers of industrial gas analysis equipment.

Inoplas Technology Ltd MRP case study

Inoplas Technology Ltd


Lawtronic Ltd case study

Lawtronic Ltd

Custom designed electronic control panels.

Mako Boardsports Ltd case study

Mako Boardsports Ltd

Manufacturers of the Mako Slingshot jetboard.

Otodynamics Ltd MRP case study

Otodynamics Ltd

Manufacturer of hearing measurement devices

Ovation Systems Ltd case study

Ovation Systems Ltd

Manufacturers of high quality covert video surveillance equipment.

PB Design and Development Ltd case study

PB Design and Development Ltd

Manufacturers of power critical battery chargers.

Syrris Ltd case study

Syrris Ltd

Manufacturers of automated products for research and development chemists.

Toucan Systems Ltd MRP case study

Toucan Systems Ltd

Designers and manufacturers of specialist electronic equipment.

Vincico Electronics Ltd MRP case study

Vincico Electronics Ltd

Contract EMS electronics manufacturer


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