Case studues of Defence Manufacturers MRP/ERP/CRM software users

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Companies working in the defence sector require a system that provides stability and security. 123insight is used by many manufacturers serving defence markets, from electronics through to textiles. Regardless of the manufacturing type, 123insight gives manufacturers and their customers the safeguards and traceability they need. Below is a selection of existing users serving the defence sector where you can see demonstrable savings and benefits.

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AGW Electronics Ltd case study

AGW Electronics Ltd

Manufacturers of wound electronic components.

Butser Rubber Ltd case study

Butser Rubber Ltd

Manufacturers of high quality rubber mouldings, gaskets and metal to rubber bonded products.

Cygnus Instruments Ltd case study

Cygnus Instruments Ltd

Manufacturers of ultrasonic thickness gauges

Evridge Group Ltd case study

Evridge Group Ltd

Precision metal subcontractors

Mantec Engineering Ltd MRP case study

Mantec Engineering Ltd

CNC precision engineering services.


How we categorise

We categorise our case studies based on both industry and manufacturing type. Case studies can appear in one or more categories depending on manufacturing type and the industry or industries that they serve.

Calling existing customers

We're creating new case studies all the time. If you are interested to have a case study of your successful 123insight implementation please contact us.