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MRP/ERP/CRM manufacturing enterprise management software.

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Our web site explains exactly how we operate. That's all there is to it - nothing hidden, no complicated procurement process, a totally unique approach with a growing user base - especially noteworthy in these difficult times.

123insight is an award winning system (against the likes of SAP, Sage and Microsoft) under constant development with an ease of use and innovative features second to none.

Another feature of our totally unique business approach is that we do not have salesmen. Leads come from a variety of sources and increasingly from 123insight Associates, a kind of virtual marketing force whose sole job is to make people aware of us and suggest they take the key first step of attending one of our Evaluation Workshops.

Which is where you come in.

Your day-to-day activities put you in touch with the manufacturing world. You have access to senior recommending or decision-making management. Your sole job is to persuade them (nicely!) to do themselves a favour and to take that first crucial step of coming to an Evaluation Workshop. That's all, no follow up, no selling, no paperwork - nothing! The Evaluation Workshop covers all the essentials of the system and there is a high conversion rate to becoming actual users. And that's the only other time you come into the picture because then we compensate you handsomely for your efforts!

If the Evaluation Workshop suggests 123insight will meet a potential user's needs they can take things further and attend just a few days of training - with no commitment whatsoever. If, when they get into the detail there is any aspect of the system that suggests it is unsuitable for their particular needs, there's nothing to pay and nothing lost - in fact, much gained because they will have an understanding of what production management systems are all about in a way that is impossible with traditional systems. If they go on to adopt, it's on a monthly basis with no commitment and cancellable at any time.

All this means is that it is impossible for you to be put in the position of having persuaded someone to do something against their best interests or in any way interfered with the rest of your relationship with them. The opposite is much more likely; that you introduced them to something that transformed their business for the better!

If you interested and have the right profile we would welcome you to register your interest online. All registrations are treated in the strictest confidence. We'll contact you to discuss the details of the Associate Programme. The next step would be to attend an Evaluation Workshop after which you will know exactly how it all works. It may be one of the best things you ever did!

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