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The 123insight difference

Software suitable for all shapes, sizes, types and industries of manufacturing.

Our risk-free, educational approach allows you to evaluate the suitability of our ERP MRP system at your own pace before you invest any money.

Attend one of our free online events to see the software or get in touch to find out more.

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The 123insight difference

Software suitable for all shapes, sizes, types and industries of manufacturing.

Our risk-free, educational approach allows you to evaluate the suitability of our ERP MRP system at your own pace before you invest any money.

Attend one of our free online events to see the software or get in touch to find out more.

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No commissioned Sales Team

A relaxed, non-pressurised approach, allowing you to make an informed decision without hassle.

Open Evaluation

Two event types, allowing you to gauge 123insight's suitability at your own pace.

'No-Obligation' Training

Attend the six days of training. If 123insight isn't suitable then walk away with nothing to pay.

PAYG monthly subscription

No minimum contract period. Take just the number of licences you need each month.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs. All pricing available on our website. See Price Calculator.

No-Risk Approach

Simple evaluation process. 'No-Obligation' Training. Fixed-price Implementation Service Pack.

Proven implementation method

A tried and tested implementation methodology, as documented in our free book.

Dedicated Mentor

The same staff member will guide you through the implementation process from start to finish.

Ongoing Customer Care

Subscription includes free access to the Help Desk and a dedicated Customer Care Manager.

See the software

Attend a free online or local MRP event across the UK and receive a free copy of our book on how to implement a manufacturing system.

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MRP/ERP Case Studies

  • Case study on Heatsense Cables Ltd

    Aaron Hulse
    Commercial Manager

    Heatsense Cables Ltd

    We could easily double in size with 123insight. We didn’t stop throughout the pandemic, employing more shop floor staff, buying more machinery and taking on extra premises.
  • Case study on Vincico Electronics Ltd

    Tom Tew
    Operations Manager

    Vincico Electronics Ltd

    I don’t think I ever put a financial value on the time spent on things, but 123insight is not only the cheapest employee in the company, it’s also the hardest working. You don’t appreciate the areas that it will save you money until it’s in place.
  • Case study on Cygnus Instruments Ltd

    Lulu Crossthwaite-Eyre

    Cygnus Instruments Ltd

    I would say that 123insight has easily paid for itself inside a year, but my gut feeling is maybe half of that... ...I reckon that we could grow by a third before we would need to take on another person in Operations or Admin because of how much we can process through 123insight.
  • Case study on FHS Dynamics Ltd

    Greg Giles
    Commercial Manager

    FHS Dynamics Ltd

    The fact that you could go from a part enquiry into a sales order into a works order or a purchase order just seamlessly and all through one screen was such a joy... couldn't employ someone for the money we spend on 123insight to do what it does.
  • Case study on Beck Optronic Limited

    Andy Hedges
    Operations Director

    Beck Optronic Limited

    If you’re transacting less then there’s the potential for fewer errors... ...The fact that there weren’t any up-front costs made a significant difference.
  • Case study on Water Tecnik Ltd

    Seamus McAleenan
    Engineering Manager

    Water Tecnik Ltd

    I could confidently say that we could triple or quadruple our turnover without employing any more admin staff to look after stock, purchase orders, etc.
  • Case study on Mako Boardsports Ltd

    Richard Bromley
    Supply Chain Manager

    Mako Boardsports Ltd

    In terms of ROI, it's definitely the right decision to have 123insight in the company because of the capability of the system and the support you get from it, compared with the very small amount you have to pay for it per month.
  • Case study on Platinum Precision Engineering Ltd

    Ross Fleming

    Platinum Precision Engineering Ltd

    After going live we haven’t looked back. It runs and does its job, and doesn’t really need much support or input. It’s a fantastic system.

Free MRP implementation book

How to implement a manufacturing system.

Best practices and pitfalls when implementing an MRP/ERP system.

Our 152-page book covers everything from initial selection, putting an implementation team together, data migration, the go-live process and measuring success. Everything that you need in order to help to grow your business.

Pick up your copy at any of our events.

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IT Europa Awards
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Manufacturing White Papers

  • MRP for electronics manufacturers

    MRP Software for Electronics Manufacturers

    The electronics industry has unique challenges for manufacturers. This article explores common problems and how MRP software can help EMS electronics manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Migrating from an old MRP/ERP system

    Migrating from an old MRP/ERP system

    Changing MRP/ERP systems is often seen as an overwhelming task. This white paper examines the reasons why people choose to replace a system and what to consider when migrating to a new one. A good ERP system will help to grow your business.
  • A complete guide to MRP/ERP

    A complete guide to MRP/ERP

    Here we answer many basic questions about MRP and ERP. What's the difference, what costs are involved, what data to transfer, choosing a system and how to measure success.
  • Do I need an MRP system

    Do I need an MRP system?

    There comes a time with your current manufacturing system processes where you have to sit back and say, 'is this really the best that we can do?' Perhaps you're using a collection of Excel spreadsheets and/or paper-based systems, you have created and subsequently outgrown a bespoke system, or have already invested in a 'packaged' system which is no longer fit for purpose - but there are initial benefits and drawbacks with each system.
  • 7 reasons why ERP systems fail

    7 reasons why ERP systems fail.

    ERP is generally the single most expensive software acquisition a manufacturing company will ever make, sometimes costing more than all of the standalone packages a company may have combined. Not only is it traditionally expensive, but companies rely completely upon it. So why is it that many struggle to implement such a system, or limp along for several years using partial functionality before abandoning it?
  • Best accounting software for MRP/ERP software

    Choosing the right accounts solution for your manufacturing business.

    Regardless of what your business does or what industry sector you serve, any company needs a competent accounting system. However, many will argue that when looking at manufacturing systems accounting should be front and centre of its competences. There are strong arguments for accounting information to be visible from directly within MRP, but should you select a digital platform for your entire business purely because of its capabilities for your financial department?

Become an associate

Become an Associate

A unique element of our business approach is that we do not have salesmen. Leads come from a variety of sources and increasingly from 123 Insight Associates, a kind of virtual marketing force whose sole job is to make people aware of us and suggest they take the key first step of attending one of our Evaluation Workshops.

If your day-to-day activities put you in touch with management staff of manufacturing companies then you can share in our success, simply by inviting your contacts to a 123insight event.

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